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ELIZA Industrial Laundry Equipment - Professional Laundry Machine Manufacturer

Release time:2017-12-01 08:51  

Shanghai Elisa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Professional Laundry Equipment Manufacturer

A professional laundry equipment manufacturer with over 30 years experiences in laundry industry. Total Employees: around 100 people, out of which, there are over 20 technicians and engineers, and a sales team over 30 people. Total Factory Area: 10,000m2. Total Sales Amount: about 10 million USD/year


High Speed

High Efficiency

Labor Saving

Time Saving

Energy Saving

Environment Friendly


Our Achievements

ELIZA is the first company that developed the industrial heavy duty 25 degrees forward tilt automatic unloading washer extractor in China


ELIZA is the first company that developed U shape high efficiency wind tunnel dryer ELIZA developed the super high speed washer extractor with an extracting force of 579G(890RPM), which is No. 1 in the laundry industry.


Aiming at large scale central washing factory, Shanghai Elisa has developed Elisa Green System (EGS). The standard line of EGS can wash and dry 4320kg/hour with only 3 workers, increasing production by 100%, saving water cost by 30%, saving labor by 90% and saving energy by 50%.